A Guide to Luxury Cruises

Luxury cruises are an excellent option for vacationers and tourists wanted a quick cruise get away. There are many vacationers who avoid going on a luxury cruise for a vacation because they believe they are always costly. However, luxury cruising is also available at affordable prices in the off peak seasons. It has become an enjoyable way to travel for the young and old alike. The cruise prices can be obtained from travel agencies and can even be done online.

Many luxury cruise lines offer shore excursions that concentrate on combining water sports along with time at the beach. Some hotels sell passes to cruise guests to allow use of the their beach and pool facilities.

The total expenditure of luxury cruises mostly includes all port fees and government taxes, accommodations, meals and snacks, and most onboard activities and entertainment. It is not necessary for cruisers to purchase travel insurance but most cruises recommend it, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

When booking online, the automated booking system normally shows up any available discounts based on age, especially for senior citizens and children. In online reservations, generally no processing or ticketing fee is charged. Generally, luxury cruises final payment is due 45-90 days prior to sailing but this mainly depends on the policies of the cruise.

Vacationers should be careful while providing credit card information. They need to make sure that the credit card information they provide is accurate as any inaccurate information could result in the booking to be cancelled by the cruise line.

Luxury cruises are introducing new and lucrative cruise packages to attract vacationers, the major attraction being that these packages have a host of activities packed into a single package. Meals and room service are common features of luxury cruises and so are shore excursions and certain onboard social activities. The luxury class cruisers may enjoy additional advantages of lavishly decorated suites with their own private balconies, well-stocked bars and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. They may also have access to multiplexes and discos, and are in most cases entitled to a pick-up and drop-off transportation to and from the cruise.

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Luxury Cruise Holidays – Tips To Remember When Going Ashore

Luxury cruise holidays are growing in popularity each year as more and more people are being enticed by the promise of 5 star travel to exotic destinations all over the world with the added bonus of non stop entertainment whilst on board. There is no denying that for the foreseeable future the growth in the popularity of luxury cruise holidays looks endless as ships get even bigger and better and are now sailing to more and more resorts all over the world, coupled with the rise in air travel the luxury cruise holiday looks as though it is for a very good time. For those of you who have never travelled on a cruise before there are a few pointers that may help you when the ship comes into dock enabling you to get ashore and enjoy some sight seeing and indulge in some local shopping. If you follow these tips you should be able to avoid any mishaps and allow yourself to enjoy your luxury cruise holiday that little bit more.

Your luxury cruise ship will dock in one of two ways, either by dropping anchor slightly off shore or by pulling into port. Depending on where about in the world you are will depending on how you dock, some resorts do not have deep enough ports to accommodate the new super luxury cruise ships that sail today. If you drop anchor at sea you will be required to get a shore via a launch which will safely ferry people back and forth all day. When getting on the launch for the first time you may be a little nervous and wary but if you act in a calm and sensible way but explain your worries to the crew they will be more than willing to help you.

When pulling into port the captain of the ship must first go through some formalities with the local port authorities. At this point the gang plank will be available to cross to go a shore but under no circumstances must you go a shore until you are given the signal to do so by the crew. Whether your ship drops anchor at sea or whether it pulls into the dock the most important thing you must do before you go a shore is find out what time the ship is sailing again, if you miss this sailing you are in big trouble as generally a luxury cruise ship will wait for no one.

With the sailing time in mind you should plan your time on dry land carefully ensuring that you do not go too far away and always giving yourself enough time to get back onboard. Always be mindful of the time and if possible always set an alarm on a watch or mobile phone leaving yourself more than enough time to get back to the ship. It is better to get back to the ship in plenty of time and not having seen everything a shore rather than seeing everything a shore and standing at the dockside watching your family sail off into the sunset without you. When a shore you should always exercise the same caution that you would when visiting any foreign city or town, do not stray from the main streets and never be tempted by promises of greatness by locals, as always, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Finally whenever you go a shore you must always carry your passport or any other form of identification that you carry with you incase you get into any trouble whilst on dry land but also so you can prove your identity when getting back onboard your luxury cruise ship. If you follow these few simple tips you should be able to relax and enjoy your wonderful luxury cruise holiday for the duration.

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Why Should You Book a Luxury Cruise Holiday This Summer

For many years a cruise holiday was seen as a very stuffy and formal kind of holiday with the emphasis on dinner at the captains table, ballroom dances and being seen in the right company. Over the past 10 – 15 years the image of the cruise holiday has completely changed with the emphasis of the vacation now being geared around non stop family entertainment for all age groups. Luxury cruise ships are now bigger, grander and better than ever before with the feel of a luxury floating entertainment palace about them. Modern luxury cruise ships are huge craft with every possible kind of entertainment onboard including shopping centres, swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, health and beauty spas as well as some ships even having their own casino onboard. Modern cruise ships really are designed to offer every member of the family an entertainment packed vacation.

A luxury cruise holiday is a wonderful way to take a vacation, offering you a totally different way to see the world’s nicest tourist resorts without ever having to worry about packing or unpacking each time you land at a different destination.

Taking a luxury cruise holiday does not have to be as expensive as you may imagine with prices varying greatly depending on the type of cruise that you take, the destinations that you sail to, the duration of your cruise and the accommodation that you book. Taking a Mediterranean cruise for 7 days staying in a standard cabin and booking on an all inclusive package can be a very affordable way of experiencing the luxury that a cruise holiday can afford you without breaking the bank.

When on a luxury cruise holiday it is not only your surroundings and facilities that are luxury quality it is also the food and the service that you can expect to be top class. Many cruise ships employ some of the worlds leading chefs to arrange menus and to ensure that the food is top quality and nothing more than the customers would expect. Eating on a luxury cruise holiday can be like dining in a 5 star restaurant for the duration of your holiday but if you would prefer to eat a little less formally there are always a couple more restaurants on the ship that you can try out.

Mediterranean luxury cruise holidays are growing in popularity each year with more and more families trying them out for the first time each season. These luxury cruise holidays are so good that many families sign up for their next cruise whilst still onboard the ship and on their current vacation. Destinations such as Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are extremely popular on the cruise circuit with the luxury cruise ships stopping at any number of resorts within these countries.

If you wanted to experience a luxury cruise holiday further a field then the Caribbean is always a popular destination with travellers and the cruise companies. Resorts such as Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, Jamaica and Antigua are ever popular ports of call for a Caribbean luxury cruise holiday.

Although not as popular as Mediterranean or Caribbean luxury cruise holidays the Baltic or northern cruise routes are growing in popularity with those people who want to have a different type of cruise vacation and perhaps visit an area that is usually of the tourist trail. These luxury cruise holidays usually call at such places as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Northern Russia. These luxury cruise holidays give the passengers a chance to experience such things as whale watching and icebergs at first hand. Not something you can necessarily do every day at home.

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Reasons Why Upgrading To A Luxury Cruise Is Worth The Price

One of the most obvious considerations for many people when planning a cruise vacation is price – it’s inescapable. And while taking cost into consideration is wise, and thus requires some compromise and trade off, it’s actually often counter-productive to concentrate too much on price. The fact is, even a cruise where you forego all luxuries and boil everything down to the lowest possible cost is going to be a major investment – and a major investment that is almost as dull and uncomfortable as staying home!

In other words, if you’re going to be spending a large sum of money on a vacation, that vacation should be spectacular and enjoyable – you might as well spend just a little more and book a luxury cruise. In the end, the costs aren’t that much more, and you will enjoy yourself so much more it’s well worth it.

The ROI of Luxury

The main takeaway concerning a luxury cruise is that the return on your investment (ROI) is enormous. Every extra dollar you spend gets you back twice that in value of experience. Every cruise takes you to the destinations and excursions you want, after all – the only difference is in your on-board experience. And a luxury cruise line has many benefits that are well worth their extra cost:

Better Rooms. Luxury cruise ships have no inside rooms, so every room is a suite with a view. You cannot imagine how much majestic, awe-inspiring scenery you miss while travelling in an inside room.

Better Environment. From the construction materials to the small touches available in luxury cruises, the attention to details will make you forget about going on budget cruise. Things like Bvlgari toiletries; twin sinks made with real marble and faucets that may be of top quality stainless steel; separate bathtub and shower; terry robes; and a well-lighted dressing table.

Better Service. There’s no tipping on luxury cruises, removing one of the biggest annoyances for people on cruise lines and alcoholic beverages are included with every meal. Consider how much money you’ll save on these two aspects alone and you can see where the Return on Investment for a luxury cruise is high.

More Intimate Experience. Luxury cruise ships are much smaller than the mega-ships, which seek to make a profit from volume. As a result you can actually get to know some of your fellow cruisers, and generally won’t feel like a member of the herd.

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Booking Your Family Vacation? What Has an All Inclusive Luxury Cruise Got to Offer You?

Each year as luxury cruise holidays become more and more heavily advertised people are trying them out and discovering that they are a very enjoyable way to see the world, as well as being very relaxing but also cost effective. Luxury cruise holidays are trying to shed the reputation that they used to have years ago of being quite stuffy and a formal affair and now the basis of the luxury cruise holiday is about entertainment, having fun but also being comfortable and relaxed as you cruise the ocean onboard a floating entertainment palace. More and more luxury cruise holidays are being offered as all inclusive holidays which can mean that they are much more cost effective than in the past. But what are the benefits of an all inclusive luxury cruise and would one suit you and your family this year?

Luxury cruise holidays did used to be notoriously expensive and used to be the sole preserve of the well off and the upper class traveller but since the luxury cruise industry was reinvented some years ago to attract a younger, more family orientated customer base the natural progression has been towards the all inclusive cruise holiday.

An all inclusive luxury cruise holiday take a lot of the worry out of a holiday as you know exactly how much your holiday will cost you before you set off as you will not be having to pay over the top for food and drink whilst on board. This is a great way to budget your holiday, especially if you have a young family who are forever wanting to snack, eat and drink throughout the day.

Not only is your food and drink included in the price of your all inclusive luxury cruise but also many of the entertainment activities, shows, cinemas and ships facilities are included in the price of the vacation. This makes it so much easier to keep the family entertained during the day when you know that you are not going to be forking out money hand over fist to keep everyone happy. This makes an all inclusive luxury cruise the ideal vacation for the family looking for a holiday at a fixed price, with the only variables being what you choose to spend when you go ashore.

This year, more so than in recent years families are looking to budget what they spend on their annual vacation as money is getting tighter at home but you do not have to for go your vacation completely if you budget correctly and search the web it is possible to find some very affordable all inclusive luxury cruise holidays at very reasonable prices. Rather than setting your heart on a cruise destination I would advise finding what you can get to fit into your price bracket and then start to research the destinations that you can get to for your money, this is where you will find that an all inclusive luxury cruise really hits the spot.

All inclusive luxury cruises sail to and from destinations all over the world and there is always a vacation to suit every ones pocket so why not look into booking your family onto an all inclusive luxury cruise vacation this year.

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